Update the style of your draft beer room with these handmade custom maple tap handles. They are made from solid maple wood, and shaped judiciously to match emphasizing the aesthetics of the wood with a comfortable, ergonomic shape and many with a live edge. Each tap handle is unique, but please purchase confidently knowing that we will match the style of the handle in the photos as close as possible. We have many of these in stock that are all extremely similar. We can also share photos of the handles with you before we send if you purchase multiple.

Each handle has a standard 3/8″ metal insert to fit most standard beer taps. Each one is step-sanded to a smooth finish, sealed with Shellac, and buffed using a Paste Wax in our US shop. At 4.125 inches in length and roughly 1.25 inches in diameter at its thickest point, it should fit comfortably in any system setup.

Please check out our gallery for some images of our tap handles in a commercial setting. Please view our other listings for other sizes and styles we have available. If you have an idea or want to request a particular size or style, please let us know.

NOTE: Some photos are examples of other similar styles we can shape. Every piece of wood is unique, and we do our very best to match the aesthetic and consistency of the photos. If you have any questions about this, please email us at info@madcedar.com if you would like to arrange for additional photos to be sent of the actual product.